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About the app

Globally, one out of three women lack access to basic knowledge concerning hygiene matters, lack sufficient sanitary facilities, and are surrounded by misconceptions and stigma’s concerning their reproductive health and rights.

Periods, fertility, contraception, intercourse, pregnancy and more aren’t properly covered by structured education or parental guidance which lead to misunderstanding, misinformation and a reluctance to adopt healthy practices and attitudes. This further negatively impacts the potential of young women in all aspects of their lives.

Meri Body (meaning “my body” in Hindi), an e-health product, uses mobile technology to enhance this knowledge of female hygiene matters. The app aims to empower and educate millions of (semi) literate young women (aged 13-25) on body literacy using simple animation videos, with multilingual voiceovers in a country where technology is increasingly becoming the most important way to access information and a way of life. Our unique feature is that no other application in the world provides content relevant to the female cycle for the uneducated female population.

Gently talking about sensitive subjects to encourage young women to break the taboos that still exist in India

Intuitive and simple design means even illiterate women in rural areas can learn about the sexual and reproductive aspects

Creating a community of educated girls and connecting to certified medical advice and help when required

Statistics in India


of the population is younger than 35 years, more than 50% of citizens are younger than 25 years (48,5% are women)


of all Indian women own mobile phones
(NFHS, 2016)


of married women between the ages of 20-24 years got married before turning 18 years (NFHS, 2016)

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Namita Krul-Taneja

Founder and Social Entrepreneur


Meet the change makers

Namita Taneja Krul
Founder and Social Entrepreneur
Founder of New Yardsticks
Imke Grens
Creative project manager
Jelke Schippers
Technical director
Dārta Liepkalne
UX and graphic designer
Panji Widoyono
Illustrator and animator
Sasja van der Leeuw
Animation project manager
Patrick Krul
Strategic partner
De Persgroep
Development team
India and Netherlands based